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Critical Spares, Repairs and Refurbishment For Your Induction Heating And Melting Equipment...

In today's competitive world it is crucial for you to be able to keep your equipment working. That's why helping you prevent downtime an dreducing your risk of losing production is our top priority.

Spare Parts

At Ajax TOCCO we have a wide range of parts for both heating and melting equipment, we carry stocks of electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components as well as consumables such as copper and refractory materials.

In addition to our UK inventory of over 8,000 individual lines at a value of over 750,000, we can also rapidly access our extensive inventories in the US and throughout the world.


Our team of highly qualified Engineers will carry out repairs to Inductors, Coils and Power Supplies and can repair ANY type of induction equipment for you including Power Delivery Cables and Bus Bars.


Your existing equipment can be refurbished to the highest standards by our team of experienced and highly skilled engineers at our world class Induction Service Centre.

Local delivery, worldwide

You'll find a worldwide inventory of parts at Ajax TOCCO and you can usually expect your parts delivered within 3 days.

Ajax TOCCO Parts Delivered within 3 days and Guaranteed!


Getting The Right Parts For Your Equipment, In The Right Place At The Right Time.

3 Ways That Ajax TOCCO Minimises The Disruption To Your Production...

If, for any reason, we are unable to effect immediate repair when you breakdown, we'll do whatever it takes to find a replacement part for you.

Should the delivery time of the replacement jeopardise your production schedules, we can often provide you with a "back-up" heat treatment service until you are back in production again.

If we can design or build it we can repair it and all our parts are guaranteed for 12 months.



5 Reasons You Should Choose Ajax TOCCO...

  • Equipment Design  If you have components that need hardening or tempering, simply bring them to us and we'll work with you to design either an in-line process or custom built equipment to integrate within your own in-house cellular production facility.

  • Inductor Coil Design and Manufacture  When you design a new part, bring it to our specialist team with full details of the heat pattern you require and we'll create a bespoke Inductor Coil that will precisely apply the exact heat profile to your part with maximum efficiency.

  • Commercial Heat Treatment  Bring your components to us and we'll take care of everything for you so you'll have no need to invest in capital equipment or employ a skilled workforce, which means you can free-up your financial, time and human resources.

  • Service  Multiple locations assure you of fast response times so your key equipment is never out of action for any longer than is absolutely necessary, keeping your production flowing, your customers happy and your profits up.

  • Parts  We offer you replacement parts and spares for most makes of induction heating equipment, with a UK inventory of over 750,000 of stock items, so you should always be able to get the right part ... whenever you need it.

Guaranteed Spares, Repairs and Refurbishment That Could save You Money by Reducing Service Costs and Downtime.

Call 0121 322 8000 and Ask to Speak With One of our Induction heating Specialists or Request a Spare Parts/Repair Quote NOW!


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